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You Have A Great Website but What Now?

You invested in an amazing modern website with all the features but your business has not grown. Why ? Well, the answer is simple, even though a website is probably the most important part of a business in these current times it is not the only step in getting customers. You need an online presence. How to get that presence you ask? Good question and today we will guide you through what is next.

Some examples of online presence:

Getting on the First page

It is important to get your business on the first page of an organic search. However, this takes time despite what some companies might promise you( will be writing about this in the future). Using proper google approved SEO technics to optimize your website is the only true way of doing this.

Web content/blogging

Web content can make a difference in both organic searches and the customers’ experience on your site. You do not want to write just to gain visibility that is what page titles are for. Your writing should create an easy to read yet original site. A site that is constantly updated will rank higher one such technic is blogging. Blogging is a great way to not only update a site but provide customers with interesting perspectives into your business.

Social Media

Social media is a good free method to get your name out there. Facebook is the most popular and it is easy to create a business page. You can pay a small fee on FB to advertise and get more likes. However, having a lot of followers on FB or Twitter does not always lead to customers. Other examples of social media that can be helpful to you depending on the type of business you have are Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.


Advertising is easily the quickest way to draw customers into your business. A lot of company’s especially new/small ones think they cannot afford to advertise. The good news is this is not the case especially with the use of Google Adwords. You can set your own budget and even set it up so you are only paying per click.

There are many other ways to increase your online presence such as google maps bing maps, a youtube channel and much more. For help growing your online presence please contact Drawn Solutions. We are experts at not only web development but also SEO, Online Presence, Advertising and so much more. Click here to request FREE local SEO.





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